Dragonfly A-280 10-Inch Tailoring Shears



  • Double Layer Blade never push fabric when it cuts fabric.
  • Durable and Flexible(not brittle)
  • Even resistance force from wide open to close
  • Special bolt and nut. Once tension is set, it will never loose.
  • powder coated comfort handle


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HEGA Dragonfly Industrial Tailoring Scissors A-280 Professional The high carbon steel edges are heat treated at precise temperatures in order to create an edge that does not push fabric as it cuts regardless type of fabric, thick or thin. The ergonomically engineered contoured handles are powder coated to ensure the comfort of its users. Soft Iron and Reinforced Steel Double Layer Construction. Edge side material is different from body side material(Two different steels laminated together through forging-one hard layer for long lasting quality against friction and one softer layer that will not brittle while maintaining flexibility.) Will not brittle or break at any impact. The thicknesses of the two tips of the scissors are same. The force needed to open or close the scissors is consistent from wide open to a complete close. The bolt and nut are precisely engineered to prevent loosening during operation. Once the tension is set, it never changes. Handle is comfortably shaped and the surface is smooth. Overall shape of the handles and cutting blades are well balanced for the weight and size.

Additional information

Weight 408.23 g
Dimensions 30.23 × 10.16 × 2.54 cm


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